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Pop-Top,  Pop Tab, Stay-Tab, Ring Pull  --  so many names!

Did you know the modern version of the pop-top is actually called a stay-tab?  Or that the original pull-tab was invented in the 1930s but wasn't mass produced until the 1950s? 
This website is dedicated to the wonderful, versatile soda can pop top (pull tab, ring pull, etc.), pop-top bags and pop-top jewelry.  Even clothing can be made from pop-tops (as you can see from the photo on the right!)
Using soda can pop tops to make bags and jewelry are very popular, and with good reason.  It's a great way to recycle, upcycle, next-cycle, whatever!  It's also a great way to express your green fashion sense without sacrificing a classy and modern look.  Whether you croche your own pop-top masterpiece or order one from a high quality retailer like Escama Studio, you'll convey the message that you're stylish and "green" at the same time!


How to Crochet with Pop-Tops Tutorial

Here's a cool project you can do with kids or adults, or you can make one on your own.  All you need is a few pop-tops from soda cans and some embroidery floss. 

Detailed instructions for making this design are available on the Pop Top Bags How-To page at the Escama Studio website.

Recycled Pop-Top Bracelet Tutorial

Easy pop tab bracelet project

A cool tutorial from the DIY Network for a simple project.  No pictures of the process are provided, but it's yet another cool use for the under-appreciated pop-top!  This one takes about 20 pop-tops and would probably work great with kids.  If you're a camp instructor, or an art teacher, perhaps consider this as a project.



Very Nice Up-Close Photos On This Pop Top Purse Tutorial

Pop Tab PurseThis blog post provides very detailed up-close images for how to tie the pop-tops together.  It also includes pictures of larger bags and belts, etc. made from soda can pop tops.  There are also tips on the type of thread to use for getting the best results.  Awesome!




Here are some YouTube Videos You Might Enjoy


Crochet Your Own Purse!

Pop-top crochet purse

A very cool project described in some detail by "Alexandra F." on the craftster.org website.  The photos are small, but she describes her process, so that's cool.


Croche Flower Pot Holder

Crochet flower pot diagram

If you read porteguese, you're in luck with this one!  I'm pretty sure they threw an instructional brochure onto a scanner.  Pretty low-tech, but definitely gets the point across.  And makes for a very nice croche project with pop-tops.

How To Collect Pop Tops for Charity

E-how has a cool page with ideas about how to collect soda can pop-tops for charity.  Thousands of these add up to valuable aluminum.  Consider starting a campaign at your school or local non-profit to collect pop-tops and bring them to a recycling center to raise money.

Buy in Bulk!

Did You Know Soda Can Pop Tops (Pull Tabs, Pop Tabs, whatever!) are sold on eBay?

Cool Pop Top Bag Made With Home-Dyed String

Pop top bag with home-dyed threading

The photos on this pop-top bag project tutorial show chopsticks being used to line up the design.  Very nice detail!

How To Make A Pop-Tab Purse

Hand-made pop-tab purseThis is a very detailed (18 steps) soda can pop top tutorial to make a purse using 727 pop tab tops.  Very ambitious, and very well explained.

Mini-Clutch With Liner Tutorial

mini-clutch hand made pop top bagThis bag has a liner, which is nice.  Also, the author of the tutorial drew a very clear diagram (see sample below) to help with threading the pop-tops.