Pop-Top, Pop Tab, Stay-Tab, Ring Pull — so many names!

Pop top bags are made from recycled aluminum can tabs and thread. They are also called pull tab bags, soda tab bags, ring pull bags in different parts of the world. The UK and Australia call them ‘ring pull bags’ or ‘ring pull purses’ and in the US they’re called ‘soda pop top bags’ ‘pull tab bags’ or ‘flip top bags’. We have seen this bag in numerous museum shops – most recently in the Museum of Modern Art design shop and the Royal Academy of Art shop in London. The thing about the bag that intrigued us was the appearance, they look like medieval armor. It was only after closer inspection that we discovered that they were made of recycled scrap and thread.

As an eco-friendly fashion accessory, pop top bags are one of the best examples of sustainable fashion design. They are made by humans, woven by hand by individual artists. This is an upcycled handbag from Brazil but this craft has also been spotted in other parts of South America, Africa and Asia. Recycled materials are used to make this eco-friendly handbag because money is scarce and it’s cheaper to use readily available recycled aluminum than to buy factory manufactured leather and fabric.

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Even though Brazilian pop top purses are upcycled from scrap aluminum, they are a more distinctive handbag than the average branded leather handbag. Metallic handbags are rare so it’s always a source of wonder to many people.

This model of pull tab bag can be purchased at the Royal Academy of Art

Eco-friendly handbags, upcycled handbags and eco-friendly gifts are a good way to teach about the importance of recycling. But it is also important that a handbag is designed to be an attractive and functional handbag. In this regard pop top bags are the best recycled eco-friendly handbag. The shiny shell is attractive, smooth, lightweight and they don’t snag clothing. They stand on their own merits as a well-designed product. The fact that they are also recycled and fair traded are spectacular added benefits to an already beautiful eco-friendly gift.

Here is a slideshow of pop top pull tab bags that come in a variety of shapes and sizes!

Eco-friendly Handbag

This website is dedicated to the wonderful, versatile soda can pop top (pull tab, ring pull, etc.), pop-top bags and pop-top jewelry. Even clothing can be made from pop-tops! In the 1960s and 1970s, before the current design of the ‘Stay-tab’ was universally adapted to most cans worldwide, the old version of the pop top was often used to make clothing, wall hangings, even chain mail for dogs! It was easy to do – all it required was to fold one end of the aluminum ring so that it overlapped with the next link. Many people in their 60s will remember making clothes or necklaces with the old pop tops.

It’s still possible to make things out of pop tops.
Here are tutorials for making a bracelet

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